My Priorities

Public Safety

During my time as Mayor, Moorpark has been named the 3rd safest city in California for three years in a row. We must ensure we can maintain Public Safety that our law enforcement and fire have worked so very hard to create. I fought against Proposition 47 because we would experience a significant increase in crime – criminals are released before arrest reports are completed. We need to support law enforcement and I will work with legislators to enact new laws that protect citizens first, and ensure these criminals are held accountable. I am and have always been committed to keeping our communities safe. We also need to reduce the risks of catastrophic wildfires by providing VC Fire with the tools and funding needed to further prepare for, respond to, and recover from these widespread disasters.


Economic Development & Housing

During these challenging times I have been and continue to be committed to ensuring a full recovery of our economy. Now more than ever we need to focus on business retention and attraction. The County should improve collaboration with cities to help them attain the services that support business growth, i.e., assist businesses in dealing with California small business COVID-19 Relief Grants, health services, and broadband, not just focus on how it benefits the County, but how it benefits all of us within the County. It is vital that we grow and retain our businesses, so we can provide the jobs that will keep our working population in Ventura County.


I will help streamline county processes and reduce red tape to better support our economy. I have been a Board Member on the Economic Development Ventura County and I have been a business owner.  I know how to work collaboratively with business owners, and I will continue to look for ways the County can improve its outreach to advance business to growth and retention. We need to cultivate a strong local workforce and we need to continue to partner with our universities, colleges, and schools to ensure we are educating students on the professions we need here in Ventura County. Our lack of housing options and supply are also detrimental to our local and regional economy. We need to support strong local jobs so everyone can afford to live and work in Ventura County.

Image by Tom Rumble

Homelessness & Mental Health

Throughout the pandemic, people of all ages are feeling the impact. Fear, loss of a loved one or job, not being able to attend school, finding childcare, ever changing COVID protocols, and the inability to socialize with family and friends is weighing on us all. This has really magnified the need for increased Mental Health services in our County. What we have now is a revolving door of re-hospitalization and incarceration, which is traumatizing those who need help and their families. Early identification and appropriate treatment will help support their recovery and independence. Many of our homeless suffer from mental health concerns, and some become homeless due to the proliferation of drugs. If we were able to address these concerns early, we would reduce the number of homeless people in our communities.

Image by Jon Tyson

Veterans served our great country and deserve to have their dignity respected by having services closer to the communities in which they live. We have clinics here to serve our Veterans, but we do not have a hospital here – I will advocate to have a Veteran’s hospital built in Ventura County. Many of our Veterans must travel to Los Angeles for services – it’s time we serve them here close to home.

Protect our Veterans