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I am proud to be endorsed by many prominent community leaders, stakeholders, and residents in Ventura County!

Join These Community Leaders in Supporting

Janice Parvin for Supervisor, District 4


Bill Ayub, Ventura County Sheriff

Geoff Dean, Retired Ventura County Sheriff

Ventura County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Ventura County Professional Firefighters' Association

Keith Mashburn, Simi Valley Mayor

Kelly Long, Ventura County Board of Supervisors, District 3

Jeff Gorell, Former Assemblyman

Steven Hintz, Ventura County Treasurer-Tax Collector 

Greg Totten, Retired Ventura County District Attorney

Michael Bradbury, Retired Ventura County District Attorney 

Bob Roper, Retired Ventura County Fire Chief, Chair of California Fire Safe Council

Chris Enegren, City Council Member, Business Owner

Keith Millhouse, Former City Council Member, Former Metrolink Chairman, Attorney

Glen Becerra, Former City Council Member

Ernie Villegas, Former Fillmore Mayor, Business Owner

Ken Simons, Former City Council Member

Mark Van Dam, Former City Council Member

Andy Fox, Former Thousand Oaks City Council Member

Robert Perez, School Board Member, Business Owner

Scott Dettorre, Ventura County Fire Captain (ret.), School Board Member

Tara Thomas, MHS Assistant Principal

Bruce Thomas, Former School Board Member

Chuong Ho, Los Angeles Fire Captain, Attorney

Dylan Gunning, Parks and Recreations Commissioner

Jeff Brodsly, Planning Commissioner, 100 Group

Bruce Rokos, Planning Commissioner

Leanne Alva, Planning Commissioner

John Davidson, Davidson Financial Services, Inc.

Bill Gomez, State Farm Insurance Broker

Patty Waters, Josh Waters, Jessica Waters- Waters Ranches

Rosemary Allison, Coldwell Banker

Mark & Darci Richardson, CSMC Mortgage

Dr. Guillermo & Julie Sanchez, Business Owners

Charles Devlon, Mobility Management Partners

Scott Mosher & Eloisa Mosher

Dale Parvin, President, CEO Moorpark Chamber of Commerce

Linda & Harvey Plaks, Business Owners

Hakim Baracat, Business Owner

Michelle Barrett, Radiology Manager, Los Robles Hospital

Rick & Linnea Brecunier, Tierra Rejada Ranch

Tom Lindstrom, Business Owner

Miguel “Mike” Magdaleno, Business Owner

Kim Simons, Arts Commissioner

Tom Lucas, Performance Nursery

Tina Hare, Tina Hare & Associates

Tania De Haz, Business Owner

Lisa & JP Alvarez

Eric Arnaud, RE/MAX ONE

Marilyn Lomeli, UCLA

Buzz & Leslie Buchanan, Business Owner

Sara Gonzales

Bill Miller, Business Owner

Paulene Perez

E.B. Roe

Robert Sichmeller Family, Business Owner

Jason Flame, Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Business Owner

Carolyn & Bob Schrimpf

Clark Neel

Shari Schultz

Paul & Alicia Lick

Teresa Jordan

Anthony Angellini

Heidi Thomas

Ralph Mahan

Partial list